Scuba Diving Training Ltd - Northampton

Learn To Scuba Dive With Scuba Diving Training Ltd Northampton

Scuba Diving Training Ltd, our approach to teaching scuba is different.

For the level of training that you want and deserve, we are here for you.

We make it all about you, enabling you to glide through the water, seeing all those things that you have only dreamed of.

Our aim is for you to be comfortable enough to hover over delicate coral without fear of crushing it giving you confidence and knowledge allowing you to comfortably plan and dive anywhere in the world.

You will be expected to reach a standard where we’re happy that you’ll be safe and comfortable in the water.  We will work with you to achieve that standard.  Your safety and your ability to perform the skills required are our primary concern.  Enabling you to have safe and enjoyable dives from the very first day you complete the course.

No matter where you choose to learn, the skills and the order in which they are taught will be the same. The quality and the standard to will vary from centre to centre.

All PADI Open Water courses will consist of:

Theory: Either done in a classroom or online through e-learning.

5  Pool sessions.
These are skill development sessions where you learn the basic skills of scuba diving.

4 Final open water sessions.
Where you show that you have mastered the skill and go on some tours of the local dive site.

So what sets us apart?
We believe that you need more than just what’s laid down in the syllabus.  You need to be treated as an individual with unique challenges and capabilities.

Our instructors will work with you to achieve mastery of the skills required.  As you can imagine if you are in a large class that becomes less likely.  We keep the classes small. The usual time for a completion is 3 pool (5-6 hrs) sessions and 2 open water sessions.
If it takes a bit more work to get you up to standard then we will book you on extra sessions either free of charge on an already existing course or for a small surcharge for 1 to 1 training.

In keeping with this philosophy, we have an OPT OUT session that is SEPARATE TO but in addition to the PADI course.
It’s a separate workshop to get your buoyancy skills up to open water standard.  This is included in the price.
we feel this is extremely important.  Many other schools pass students with the bare minimum of training in buoyancy and we believe this is not good enough. Buoyancy is key to so many things in diving.

Buoyancy affects safety, your air consumption and limits damage to the beautiful underwater world that we admire.

We are not the cheapest place to learn to scuba dive, and I won’t apologise for that.
 We offer quality instruction dedicated to your needs.  The extra money that you spend on your courses ultimately comes back to you in the level of service and the standard of training you receive.

Regarding our website and pricing, you will not see “Price from £xxx”.  I’m sure you’re aware when you see that, it means something’s being hidden, or what’s being offered is a cutdown version of a product. Our pricing policy is open and transparent.

There are three prices for each course, the reason for this is that we are a Northampton based company. 
We do run courses in London, and therefore have to travel further to deliver the courses.
Scuba Diving Training Ltd is competitively priced against other London dive centres.

Finally, we have prices for private courses.

All our course include cylinders BCD, weights-mask-snorkel drysuits where needed.

extras you may need:
if you feel the cold or are diving in winter you will need your own gloves, this is a hygiene consideration.

Entrance fees to dive sites are paid by you directly to the dive sites and vary site to site.