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PADI Open Water Referral

For people that are going on holiday or prefer not to dive in the UK we have the referral course. Dive theory is completed online with PADI Elearning which costs £329.

Then its off to the pool for the exciting part of the course.

Having completed the theory and the pool sessions you will be given a form signed by your instructor.  Take this to your next dive centre and hand it to them.  showing that you have completed both parts of the referral.

Completing Your PADI Open Water Training

At the new dive centre, you will be required to complete 4 open water dives demonstrating the skills you learned in the pool the new dive centre will charge you for this part of the course separately.

Diving in the UK is awesome

Imagine if you will a Dive instructor jumping up and down full of excitement. That’s me so before you sign up for a referral relax and listen to a convert.  Learning to dive in the UK is without a doubt the best move you will ever make.

Yes, it’s colder than those lovely blue places you will get to go and enjoy. Yes it’s a little bit harder because we need a bit more equipment. No, the visibility isn’t generally as good…. SOLD YET?  probably not…

So why is it the best place to learn? I thought i’d answered that.  Ok well, the conditions are a little harsher, the gear a little more cumbersome BUT because of this as you learn, you gain valuable experience as to why we do things a certain way.
You have to be more precise in your preparations, stay closer to your buddies and generally be better at everything.
The results of this are huge, when you ditch the drysuit for warmer climates you will see the difference your good buoyancy will be excellent buoyancy, your prep will be better than those around you and you will stick closer to your buddy making you safer to dive with.

As a new diver thinking about learning it is normal to want to do it the easiest way possible but for the extra effort of doing it in the UK the rewards far outweigh the effort of doing 4 dives in a Uk lake.   

Convinced then sign up for the PADI Open Water Course here.   

Still not convinced well then sign up here for the PADI Open Water REFERRAL here.